Job Description Vacation Camps

Job Description Vacation Camps


Counselor Roles

During vacation camps, the team is composed of 2 types of counselors :

  • The Language Counselors prepare and lead the English lessons and activities, which are selected according to the camp program. They work as a team. At least one previous experience in childcare, working with kids or teaching is required. They speak English fluently or are native English speakers (minimum C1 level).

  • The Daily Life Counselors are counselors who possess the French BAFA certificate. You can read more about this position and certificate on the FAQ page, or on the French pages of this website.

Examples of job tasks

  • Creating a safe environment for the campers
  • Planning, preparing, and participating in the camp program (ESL classes, activities, evening programs)
  • Creating (or learning) and performing skits, songs, cheers
  • Creating learning aids (posters, charts, etc)
  • Accompagnying children during transportation, or on a special activity (swimming, canoeing...)

List of Responsibilities

You can read the full list of Language Counselor responsibilities and the Counselor Pledge in the attached document!

We recommend reading this to better imagine the job-at-hand before applying.


Vacation Camp Counselor salary and benefits 

  • Monthly salary: €55 (gross) per day worked for a first-year counselor. €60 per day for a veteran counselor.
  • Accommodation and meals* provided (bedding included)
  • Free laundry services available on site at least once a week
  • We offer a travel reimbursement to your place of work of a maximum of €100 (outward and return journey). This reimbursement will be made at the same time as the salary. Each journey must be made over a single day for the outward and return journey. We also cover transport costs for site transfers, for the duration of the contract
  • In addition to this salary, a bonus is added for selected employees with additional responsibilities :

          - Head Language Counselor : must be a Veteran Counselor                     

          - First Aid or Swimming Supervisor : French SB or PSC1 required          

          - Bonus: €10 gross / day worked in the extra role

*Important : Read about our limited ability to accommodate different dietary restrictions in our FAQs.  


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