Applicant Requirements

Applicant Requirements

Working at camp is an amazing experience
Amazing counselors are one of the reasons why!

To work as a Language Counselor at one of our camps in France, we need for you to match our basic requirements. They have been determined based on eligiblity to work in France on a work permit and your suitability for this employment opportunity.

1. Language Requirements

2. Qualification Requirements

  • Required experience: camp counseling, childcare, &/or teaching experience
  • Correct English grammar and spelling on application
  • A diploma to teach English is not required, but is a plus (TEFL, CELTA etc).

3. Nationality requirement 

You are either : 

  • a European national
  • a non-EU national who possesses a French work authorisation for employment for the entire period of requested employment. Four examples of such autorisations are : VLS-TS Etudiant-Eleve, Vie privée et familiale, Résident, Article 18(1) Accord de retrait  du Royaume Uni de l'UE - Toutes Activités Professionnelles.

4. You are at least 18 years old

  • All staffers at our camps must be adults.
  • The typical age range of camp counselor applicants is 20 - 35 years old.

5. Skills, Knowledge & Interests

  • Extensive knowledge of North American culture or British culture, preferably through living in one of those countries. 
  • Cultural knowledege of Arts & Entertainment, History, Geography, Sports, Folktales, Science is a must.
  • Childcare techniques.

6. You seek a job that develops a range of skills :

  • Organisation of both large and small group activities
  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Your capacity to work abroad and work with an international team
  • Communication skills with non-native speakers, English lesson planning

7. You genuinely enjoy working with people, and especially, with children!

8. You are available during our camps' schedule

If you are an applicant who fits this description, you should consider applying to work as a Language Counselor on our team!

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