Applicant Requirements

Applicant Requirements

Working at camp is an amazing experience
Amazing counselors are one of the reasons why!

To work at one of our camps in France, we need for you to match our basic requirements. They have been determined based on eligiblity to work in France on a work permit and your suitability for this employment opportunity.

1. Language Requirements

  • You are a native speaker of English (Language Counselor)

Oups, je suis français avec le BAFA ou le BAFD, rendez-vous sur cette page : Qualifications >

2. Diploma Requirements

  • You possess at least a high school diploma from a school within an anglophone country (English must be THE official national language of the country you grew up in and went to school in).
  • A diploma to teach English is not required, but is a plus (TEFL, TESOL, CELTA etc).

3. Citizenship / Visa Status Requirements

You are either:

(a) of US American, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand nationality, traveling as a legal tourist.

(b) of US American, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealand nationality, living as a foreign resident in France.

  • You possess an existing French work visa that covers the duration of your employment.

(c) British or Irish

  • You are allowed to work in France

4. You are at least 20 years old

  • The typical age range of camp counselor applicants is 20 - 35 years old.

5. Skills, Knowledge & Interests

  • Extensive first-hand knowledge of North American culture (American Village) or British culture (British Village)
  • Childcare techniques (hygeine, health and well-being, child development, child-centered teaching approaches, etc).
  • Recent North American or British summer camp experience, experience as a childcare provider and/or ESL teaching experience
  • The ability (and desire) to create recreational activities and lead camp activities & recreational games. This is a major part of this job!

6. You seek a job that develops :

  • Teamwork and leadership skills
  • Your capacity to work abroad and work with an international team
  • Communication skills with non-native speakers, English lesson planning
  • Arts / sports / recreational skills, and improvisation

7. You genuinely enjoy working with people, and especially, children!

Plain and simple, you WANT to work as a role model for children and ENJOY being with them all day long!

We have camps for different age groups, but the majority of our campers are between 10 and 14 years old.

8. You are available during our camps' schedule

Our camps run from March to October. However, the number of camps open at any point in time varies greatly upon customer demand.

For obvious logistical reasons, counselor contracts must coinscide with camp needs.

If you are an applicant who fits this description, you should consider applying to work as a Language Counselor on our team!

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