Job Description School Trips

Job Description School Trips

Being a counselor at School Trip Camps


The job of Language Counselor 


You will be in charge of the smooth running of the lessons and activities established in our program, according to the program theme, and under the supervision of your camp director.

You will uphold our Educational Project, making camp a fun and safe environment for the campers under your care. You will infuse US/UK history and culture into activities and English class, respect French childcare regulations, and work as a part of a team.

And of course, you'll do all of this in English!

Some examples of your tasks

  • Communicating clearly and respecfully with campers. Encouraging campers to communicate with you
  • Planning, preparing, and leading the camp program : English classes, activities, evening programs.
  • Creating (or learning) and performing skits, songs, cheers in English
  • Creating learning aids (posters, charts, etc)
  • Completing administrative paperwork (English lesson plans, activity plans, etc)

Read the List of Responsibilities

You can read the full list of Language Counselor responsibilities below. The Counselor Pledge links the responsiblities to our specific educational approach and values.

We recommend reading these to better understand the job-at-hand before applying.




School trip camp camp salary and benefits 

  • Monthly salary: €1, 963.53 (gross) = 35 hours a week, from Monday to Friday
  • Accommodation and meals* provided (bedding included)
  • Free laundry services available on site at least once a week
  • Nacel offers a travel reimbursement to your place of work of a maximum of €100 (outward and return journey). This reimbursement will be made at the same time as the salary. Each journey must be made over a single day for the outward and return journey
  • Nacel covers any transport costs for site transfers, for the duration of the contract

*Important : Read about our limited ability to accommodate dietary restrictions.




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