Before I Apply

Before I Apply

Frequently Asked Employment Questions 

Will this job give me a work visa to work in Europe?

No. We cannot authorise or apply for visas for our counselors. 

See point 3 on our Applicant Requirement Page

How long could I work for?

The length of employment depends on the camp schedule, and your availability. Contracts can therefore be as short as one camp, but are generally 6 or 8 weeks in the spring and fall, and 4 or 8 weeks in the summer.

Will American Village pay for my airfare to France?

No. We do not pay for counselor airfare to France. We do provide some defrayal options for counselors. You can read about these travel on our Salaries and Job Benefits page.

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If I apply at the same time as a friend or loved one, is it certain that we will work together?

No! Employees are hired independantly of one another. There is no such thing as a tandem work contract! We try to place friends/relatives together when requested. But it is not always possible and these employees will not receive special treatment. All counselors should be outgoing and open-minded, in short : ready to meet and work with a variety of people!

Can the camp provide food for every type of diet and allergy?

NO. Our camp chefs can only cater to 3 diets: a typical diet, a no-pork diet, and a pollo-lacto-pescatarian diet (vegetarian that eats eggs, dairy & fish) . Counselors must choose amongst those three options.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide alternative options for those on a gluten-free diet, a vegan diet, or persons with strict allergies (ex: lactose intolerence, nut allergies). This is incredibly important to understand before applying. According to French health & hygiene regulations, only the camp chef may use the camp kitchen - you will not be able to do your own shopping and cook your own meals.

How are your camps are open during the school year?

In France, the school year is on a six-week schedule. The summer break is shorter than in the USA, in order to break for one to two weeks during 4 periods during the school year. Another difference, is that in France, schools can go on multi-day field trips called “Classe Découvertes”. These discovery classes are organized around a specific theme with learning take-aways. Students live on location and participate all day long. This is how American Village Camps run during several months during the school year.

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Can I speak French?

Language counselors are never permitted to practice their French with the campers. We believe that a total immersion environment with helpful and friendly encouragement is the best way to learn a language. Away from camp, for example, on your day off, you are more than welcome to practice your French!

Can I keep my smartphone on me?

NO. Counselors may not use smartphones during the day. These devices are considered an unnecessary distraction in professional childcare/education positions. Counselors should bring a watch to tell time, and a camera if they want to take photos! 

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What is the difference between a Language Counselor and a Daily Life Counselor?

  • Language Counselors teach English language to the campers through English classes and activities. They are native anglophones who are never permitted to speak or understand French with the campers.
  • Daily Life Counselors are French counselors who possess the French  B.A.F.A.  certification. They are the only counselors allowed to use French if absolutely necessary. They help organise and run the activities, and speak in English all day long!

All our counselors have the same work committment: To sucessfully organise and execute the session for the education, amusement, and safety of our campers!

What are the B.A.F.A. / B.A.F.D. certifications?

These are French certifications for camp counselors (B.A.F.A.) and camp directors (B.A.F.D.). These certification are managed by the French government. A certain number of certified French staffers are required by law at any camp that takes place during a school vacation. These certifications do not apply to the Language Counselor positions.

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