Our Educational Approach

Our Educational Approach

Who we are.

In 1994, NACEL opened its first American Village camp, offering a linguistic immersion in English to French kids, combining the three components of bilingualism : duration, no access to the mother tongue, and personal implication. 

…as soon as youth enter the camp, they are cut off from the French language for several days. They are surrounded by English speakers from morning to night. Every day, varied activities are organised for them to participate in. Activities that are both fun and interesting to them. The counselors and the campers must each make efforts to understand one another… 

Our Educational Approach, in short:

  1. A caring immersion experience requires implication : The counselor's attitude has the power to motivate (or de-motivate) the learner. We fervently believe in every learner’s ability – regardless of his level - to participate fully in the program.
  2. From dawn to dusk, the counselors speak in English. Only a few designated counselors and the camp director may use French when necessary.
  3. A positive atmosphere, fun games, and good relationships create an environment that fosters natural learning.


…the teaching approaches used by the American Village counselor are different from those used in school. The aim is to cultivate a "village" atmosphere, not to recreate a scholarly environnement. To do so, the values of Equality, Joy, Imagination, Active Participation, Support and Positive Reinforcement are applied...

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