Our Educational Approach

Our Educational Approach

The American Village Educational Project


Our History 

It started in 1957 with two English teachers. Passionate about learning languages, they became convinced that school learning must be accompanied by prolonged contact with native speakers. They started organizing trips abroad for their students, year after year, until Nacel SA was created in 1967. Today, Nacel is an international company sending thousands of young people all over the world every year and offering a variety of language-learning programs.

The best way to learn a foreign language is to go where it is spoken. That said, as traveling is not an option for everyone, American Village camps were created by Nacel in 1994.



The Objectives of our Educational Project


Nacel has set itself the goal of individual development, by offering numerous techniques for learning, communication and expression.


Our project revolves around these main objectives:

  • Propose the practice of the English language in a group setting, to promote a collective living model.
  • Prioritize the enjoyment of learning and make young people motivated to speak English.
  • Emphasize everyone's progress, no matter what the language-level.

  • Listen and take into account the needs, rhythms and expectations of young people.
  • Guide learners towards an independent and thoughtful use of the language.

Read our 2023 Educational Project before applying:




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