Camp Locations

Camp Locations

We open overnight camps and day camps,

accross France!

English overnight camps in France

If you apply for a job at American Village Camps, your application will automatically be evaluated for working at overnight camp. This is because they are open from February to October and we hire hundreds of overnight camp counselors.

All counselors are hired to work at any location that is open during their employment. Camp sessions can be anywhere from 5 to 13 days, depending on the camp, the age group and the period. 

The majority of our overnight camps are located in very rural areas. A directory including the exact camp adresses is mailed to each hired employee, before coming to France!

american village camp locations in France

English Day Camps in Paris, France

Our Paris day camps are only opened during French winter, spring, summer and autumn break. If you are in Paris and looking for a job during school vacations, our day camps may be the place for you! 

Should you apply to work at one our Paris day camp locations, please indicate that preference in your application. We suggest including it in the letter of motivation, and specifying that you have housing in Paris, as we do not provide any housing for day camp.

Paris day camp location

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A Typical day at Paris camp
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