Packing List for Camp

Below is a suggested packing list for camp! Plan on dressing in sporty-casual clothes, you will be active all day! 

  • Nacel is not responsible for lost or theft. Therefore, avoid bringing expensive personal items, and never leave them lying around camp.
  • We discourage bringing excess luggage if you travel through Paris - the Paris metro is full of stairs. 


Basics Useful stuff

             - One full cold-weather outfit

- 7 short-sleeved shirts & 1 sweatshirt/fleece

- 2 pairs of comfortable shorts

- 10 undergarments, 1 pajama

- 1 “nice” outfit for camp dance or days off

- Athletic shoes & sandals

- Toiletries, towel, washcloth & shower flip flops

- A wristwatch (not a phone)

- An alarm clock

- Raincoat

- Water bottle

- Small backpack
    - A suitcase lock

- Travel adapter

- A book for waiting in transport

- A baseball cap

- A digital camera

- Your musical instrument

- American/British cultural items

- American/British Flag

To make it pop : 

- Flair Pants
- Blue, red, white clothes
- Glitters , stars, bandana, ect

Spring or Fall

- Jacket/Coat
- Gloves
- Scarf & hat
- Very warm pants  

June & August

- A swimsuit 

Staff Dress Guidelines

Staff appearance guidelines include daily hygiene, a tidy appearance and appropriate sporty casual attire.  We furnish one, free staff T-shirt per counselor. This T-shirt is required on arrival day, departure day, and on any field trips.  You will also wear your camp nametag every day at camp; this helps campers remember your nickname. We call it a passport! The kids wear them, too.  A replacement staff T-shirt costs 5 euros.

Download the Packing List

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