Time to play!

Activities can make or break a camp session. 

Our camp counselors are actively engaged when planning activities. They'll choose activities that the campers will find fun and stimulating - no one goes to camp to be bored!

Expanding and diversifying your activities knowledge base before working at our camps is really helpful, because ...

  • each camp location is different,
  • the weather can change,
  • each counselor has unique talents, and 
  • campers’ interests are varied.

There are tons of books and websites that explain a variety of different recreational games that are suited for youth of all ages. Check out your local library, book store, or do some online research.

Here are a few free activity videos that you can find online: 

Fun Field Games

Arts and Craft Ideas

Team Building Games

Our YouTube channel, Team American Village, was created by Mark and I as an informal way to help our staffers learn more job-related skills. We've also posted some links within the Counselor Webzone.

Once you know some games or activities, you can start thinking about how to adapt them to language-learners.

I hope you'll find these starter tools useful ... and exciting! 

Getting paid to play has it's perks!