Returning Staff Questions

Updated : 12/10/2023

 - Re-Applying in 2024 -

Do I have to complete an online application?

Of course! Otherwise, it is hard for us to evaluate your employment request. 

A returning employee's review is based on four factors:

  1. Job performance reviews during previous employment period(s)
  2. Respect of company rules and regulations during previous employment period(s)
  3. Experience gained since last employment
  4. Job performance self-assessment

To upload your new C.V. and Letter of Motivation, click the blue button "Browse".

If hired, you must update your employee file with:

  • A recent criminal records check 
  • Any updated documents or newly acquired diplomas
  • Return of signed contract & documents


Which position should I choose? 


  • Only available during school vacation periods => Use "Vacation Camps - Veteran Counselor". Both Language Counselors and Daily Life counselors are processed under the status of Veteran Counselor. 


In 2024, are counselor contracts still limited to 80 days?

The School Trips Camp teams will all be on CDD. Therefore, it is possible to work at both types of camps, because only the Vacation Camps teams are on CEE (limited to 80 days annually).

Can I make special requests about location, camper age, or favorite colleagues?

Just like first-year employees, you can submit a location or colleague preference to us during an interview. That said, placements are determined based on the needs of the camps and how your dates match up with them. You'll notice we listed the sites next to the openings on the dates pages. Priority in hiring will be given to applicants who can join the team for a full period. 

How do I get ready for camp ?

In 2024, employee preparation has four axes :

  1. The hire documents clearly outline company policies and your responsabilities. 
  2. The Employee Program Manual 
  3. A completely re-oriented Counselor Webzone 
  4. Once at camp, your team will work together to plan the session program in detail, establish rules for the campers, and set up camp materials.

- Evolve on our team -

What is the Head Language Counselor?

The HLC is a leader during Vacation Camp sessions. He or she has a larger workload than other counselors, which is why the HLC is paid 10€ more per day than the other counselors. Summer HLCs are to be present for a required preparation meeting is planned for May 2024.

The HLC :

  • is an Activities counselor
  • does not necessarily speak French
  • is a leader who knows how to work under a manager (the director)
  • organizes and guides the other counselors in the program
  • has some administrative duties, and duties managing the materials

To apply, complete the designated section on the Veteran Counselor application, and update your letter of motivation to reflect why you should be selected to this position.

Who selects the Head Language Counselors?

As often as possible, we prefer that the site director selects his/her Head Language Counselor. 

  • Spring and Autumn Vacations : Camps are back-to-back, the team is already at camp. The site director selects the HLC.
  • Summer Vacations : The HLC is hired in advance and assigned to a camp. A director can request a specific HLC, in order to aid recruitment.

How can I become a director?

  • This position is bilingual, French is required.
  • School Trip Camp Director : no Brevet d'Aptitude aux Fonctions du Directeur (BAFD) required.


  • Vacation Camp Director :  a Brevet d'Aptitude aux Fonctions du Directeur (BAFD) is required. American Village offers some financing in exchange for directing the month of July. Read more on the PAFEI BAFD Scholarship Program here.


  • Vacation Camp Director Confirmé : Possible at 3rd year as a director. Entirely performance based. Implies mastery and independence in all aspects of the direction : flawless administrative work, French reglementation respect, team management, materials management, partnership development and client satisfaction.


- Post-employment -

How can I obtain an Attestation Pôle Emploi from Nacel post-employment?

To receive an attestation Pôle Emploi, email your request, stating your full name and employment dates, to American Village at with "Demande Attestation Pôle Emploi" in the subject line.

How can I obtain a professional reference from American Village post-employment?

To receive a standardized professional reference letter, email your request, stating your full name and all past employment dates, to American Village at with "Professional Reference Letter Request" in the subject line. 

If you require more than a standard confirmation of employment in PDF format, you should ask your direct supervisor (your village director) to become one of your professional references.


How can I participate in the veteran community outside of camp?

If you have any questions not answered here or on our website, feel free to email us at: