Témoignages des Animateurs

Témoignages des Animateurs

"I loved working alongside other people who are passionate about their job and knowing that, together, we are creating an unforgettable experience for campers."
''I had so much fun as a camper and I had so many good memories from camp that I decided to become a counselor to share this experience with other kids.''   

"My favourite part of American Village was the amazing teams I've had the privilege to work with and to see how happy the kids were at the end of the week"

"I never realised how much American Village would change my life. I would  recommend trying it 100%. You'll never know what you might learn from your time here."

"American Village is like a family: everyone helps and takes care of each other. Nobody will judge you. Everyone accepts you as you are."

"The thing that keeps me coming back to American Village is the creativity and autonomy we have during the class time and activities."

"My time at camp was amazing and full of positive feelings! Be ready to meet incredible people!"

"Your team is your life line. You discover that you're capable of doing things you didn’t think you could."

''I had the pleasure of working at AMVIL and I laughed a face aching and belly shaking laugh at least 8 times per day.''

"It was my first experience of teaching abroad and helped to shape my life path and engage in further teacher training."

''I keep coming because this job is a chance to act in skits, invent games and try out new ideas on a captive audience.''

''American Village was my home away from home and my closest friends now are still from my camp family that I met 20 years ago.''

''I've enjoyed the awesome counselors I have met over the years. A few are my friends to this day and no matter the distance or time spent apart, we still stay in touch.''

"I would not be who I am without having worked with such awesome counselors.  We all are different, but those differences are what make AMVIL so special. "

''There isn't anything else like American Village. I absolutely love it! This is a job where you can learn every single day.''

''I have so many memories from camp that I cannot just pick one. AmVil is one big family and you're part of the family for life.''

''If you're a kid at heart, AmVil is as good as it gets for a way to spend your summer! Thanks for unforgettable summers!'

''The summer of 2011 would change my life and for 6 years I thoroughly enjoyed my summers with American Village.''

''I love working with people from different countries in a team, and I have worked with so many amazing kids.''

''AmVil and it's crazy people have made me grow so much, in a way I never thought a summer job could.'

''American Village is a unique experience with coworkers in an unstressful environment and I keep coming back because it is a chance to make English fun.''

''This experience has helped me improve my cross-cultural and communication skills. It's something I always talk about in job interviews these days.''

''While working at American Village I have met some amazing people who have turned into lifelong friends.''

''American Village was my first summer outside the US and it became a tradition for me to come back for years .''

''I kept coming back because I knew I had a fun and high energy job for me in a gorgeous part of France.''''American Village is the best camp program I have ever worked for and I loved working with the other counselors on my team.''

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