French Travel Tools

Looking to travel around France? Knowing some basics and having a few apps can go a long way in helping you plan your trip!

Transportation across France

Buying tickets at the station?  Arrive early to the train station to wait in line at the “guichet” (ticket desk) or use the yellow automatic ticket distributors to buy a ticket. 

If you are planning on travelling by French trains before or after employment, consider buying a reduction card

The French Train Company is called SNCF. Visit their website in English here.  We suggest purchasing tickets in advance, as trains can fill up. The SNCF Connect app is also useful.

Transportation in Paris

The Parisian transport system, RATP, is comprised of subway trains, busses, and the suburban trains. You can anticipate your movements by using the online Paris Metro Interactive Map.

The Vélib bike rental service is also a fun way to see Paris.

Travel safety : We advise against using your smartphone as a map in Paris or any other major city. Many travelers get their phones stolen this way. Paper maps are available at kiosks, or simply print off a map before leaving your home country!

Weather in France

France is often chillier than one would expect. There are 5 different climate zones in France, and our camps are spread across them! Bring a polar fleece or sweatshirt if you are working in spring or fall. Bring at least one sweater if you are working in the summer.

To look up the local weather in France, visit Météo France, where you can conduct a search by zip code.

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