English Class at Camp : Our YouTube Videos

We created these videos with the aim of helping new language counselors prepare for ESL classes at camp. I chose these topics for the blog, as they present simple tips that can be a real game-changer when leading an English lesson. Each video is between 2 to 3 minutes long, so give them a watch and see what tips you find useful for your own lessons!

Setting Up the Classroom : Desk Organization

Each camp has differently-sized classrooms and available furniture. Over my last few seasons with American Village Camps, I have taught classes in lots of different spaces and experimented with different ways to arrange the classroom. In this video, I explain a few ways to optimize the space available, and lead to a more conducive learning environment.

Teaching Vocabulary

Each day at camp you will cover a different theme and you will choose related vocabulary to teach to the kids. In this video, Amanda gives her tips on how best to teach vocabulary.

Using Flashcards

I advise using flashcards to teach target vocabulary to young learners. You may choose to use one of the many flashcards sets we provide, bring or make your own. In this video, I show some simple and different ways to use these flashcards effectively.

Error Correction

Every language learner makes mistakes, as trial and error is essential for language acquisition. There are ways to help fix those errors that don't disuade our campers from trying to speak in English. Amanda goes through some simple methods for correcting English errors.

Teacher Talking Time

When teaching for the first time, one of the most common errors people make is to fill the time with TTT, or Teacher Talking Time. In this video, I show some ways to avoid this, in order to allow your students to actively participate in oral expression.

I hope you find these videos useful when preparing your lessons at camp. These are just some examples of the videos we have up on our YouTube channel Team American Village. We have compiled numerous video playlists to get you started thinking about teaching English, leading games, singing camp songs and cheers, and lots, lots more. Have fun watching!

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