Returning Staffer Questions

Returning Staffer Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Veteran Counselor

When am I considered a "Veteran Counselor"? 

The status "Veteran" is automatically applied to any seasonal staff member when s/he is rehired for employment during a second calendar year. The years do not have to be consecutive.  For example, I worked in 2019 and am rehired to work in 2020, or 2021, or 2022... (etc) = I am a veteran.

Do I have to reapply using the online application?

Absolutely! It is incredibly important that you update ALL information - contact information, diplomas, languages, diplomas, as well as answer the specific veteran questions.

  • If you hope to be rehired for an additional employment period in the same year, please submit an additional online application. When a position becomes available, we immediately consult applications received online. 

What is a returning counselor's rehire based on?

A veteran counselor's application review is based on a variety of factors , including :

  • The quality of your Veteran application : update your CV, indicate what experience you have gained since last  working with us. Clearly explain your motivation, what you'd like to improve or add the next time you'd work at our camps.
  • Your veteran interview.
  • Job performance reviews from direct supervisors, on-site staff, and program directors.
  • Respect of company rules and regulations during past employment.
  • Organisation, reliability, professionalism, and responsibility in administrative hiring procedures during past employment.

Why are Veterans paid more than 1st year counselors?

The difference in salary between Veteran and 1st counselors is directly linked to additional responsibilities. We expect veteran counselors to bring a lot of energy and understanding to the team, to embody our Core Values, and to help new counselors and new directors. This can relate to a slightly larger workload.

Veteran counselors must be :

  • enthusiatic about guiding new staffers.
  • open to new ideas, new games, different and new activities, different evening programs, etc.
  • not plan the same activities every session, at every camp. This is not what we wish - campers come back and want different activities.
  • responsible for reading and understanding the current edition of the Counselor Handbook, and all employment documents, just like first-year employee. Be wary as to not give old information to new staffers, as it leads to confusion.

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Which employment documents are required for a Veteran counselor upon hire?

A criminal background check is required every year. You must also update any documents that have expired, or that may have changed, including new diplomas or an updated passport. 

Can I make special requests at the time of hire (location, camper age, colleagues) ?

We do not give preferential treatment to returning counselors or returning directors. Just like your first year, you can submit a location or colleague preference to us during an interview.

How do I apply to be a Head Language Counselor during the vacation camps?

Simply complete the designated section on the Veteran Counselor application, and update your letter of motivation to reflect why you should be selected to be a leader on the team. Should you be selected for a veteran interview, we will ask you more questions about the HLC position.

  • We expect HLCs to be model veteran counselors who work towards bridging gaps amongst all team members - the director, the Daily Life Counselors, and the Language Counselors. 
  • HLC is a great role for a strong leader on the team who does not necessarily speak French, but who knows how to work under a manager. Cross-cultural awareness is essential for this position.
  • The HLC's main role is to organize and guide the other counselors while the director is busy with a wide variety of bureaucratic and administrative duties inherant to French childcare providers. 
  • The HLC will absolutely be on the Activities team, s/he may not be an ESLer for any session. S/he does have a few administrative duties (will be clarified in 2022). 
  • This will relate to a larger workload than other counselors, which is why the HLC is paid more.  

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Who selects the Head Language Counselors?

As often as possible, we prefer that the site director selects his/her Head Language Counselor. 

  • When camps are back-to-back, we ask the director to select the person s/he bests sees fit for the role (example : spring break camp is generally between school group sessions).
  • When camps are not back-to-back, Amanda selects the HLC in advance, then assigns him/her a camp.

How can I apply to be a director?

Many veteran counselors who are fluent in French have become AmVil directors. This job is bilingual. Detailed information is available on the Director Job Posting Page

Here is a quick recap :

  • If you do not live in France permanently, and/or do not already possess the BAFA or BAFD certification, but do possess relavent work experience, you can apply to be a School Group Camps Director (Directeur hors BAFD).  

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How can I obtain a professional reference from American Village post-employment?

To request a standardized confirmation of your employment in English, contact American Village at after your employment. When requesting, please state :

- Your full name

- What year(s) you worked for American Village

If you require more than a standard confirmation of employment in PDF format, you must ask your direct supervisor (your village director) to become one of your professional references.

Please note : It is impossible for the camp administrators to become your direct professional references – we have not worked with you directly and cannot answer detailed questions about your work.

How can I participate in the veteran community outside of camp ?

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