The Professional Reference

The Professional Reference

A professional reference is required for every 

1st year Language counselor applicant

Criteria :

1. The reference must be presented as :

  • a letter on company letterhead, or,
  • a completed American Village Professional Reference Form (download available below).

2. This professional reference form must be completed by a person who can present an unbiased assessment of your work, preferably with children. This person must include his or her name, title and telephone number, so that we can reach him or her for confirmation. 

3. This reference must refer to recent employment, that took place in the last 2 years.

Download the Professional Recommendation Form

Accepted substitution : A recent letter or certificate of completion for TEFL/CELTA course that included live teaching can be used as a substitute document, as long as it also includes a written assessment of your work.

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