Returning Counselors

Returning Counselors

Ready to come back to AmVil?

Step 1: Complete the Veteran Application online

  • You must update every portion on the application, including your CV and letter of motivation.
  • To upload your new C.V. and Letter of Motivation, click the blue button "Browse" (located to the right of the old version, currently on file).
  • There is one Veteran Application, used by all, regardless of nationality.
  • A professional reference letter is not required at the time of the application, as we will look at your American Village job performance review. A new one will be requested if judged necessary.

Step 2: Application Review

We review applications in the order of upcoming camps, and then, in the order that they have been received. We appreciate your patience.

A veteran counselor's review is based on a variety of factors , including :

  • Job performance reviews from direct supervisors, on-site staff, and program directors
  • Respect of company rules and regulations
  • Updated letter of motivation & résumé
  • Organisation, reliability, professionalism, and responsibility in administrative hiring procedures
  • Job performance self-assessment (question in veteran application).
  • A short rehire interview could be requested. In this case, we will send you a interview request email.

Step 3: Potential offer of Employment & Employment Paperwork

If your application review is favorable, we'll make a job offer via email.

You'll have between 2 & 5 days to consider and reply. After that point, the offer expires and the position becomes available to other candidates.

Step 4: Confirmation of Employment

Should you accept the offer, you commit to coming to work for us. We stop recruiting for your position.

We'll send the work contract to you in the mail. Counselors are to sign and return the work contract via post within two weeks of reception in order to get all necessary administrative procedures underway before hire.

Hired Veterans must upload legible color scans of the following documents:

  1. Recent criminal records check from your local police or sheriffs office (within one year),
  2. Any updated documents or newly acquired diplomas,
  3. Return of signed contract and completed administrative sheets.

What's next?

Once the work contract is received back in our offices, and all required scans uploaded onto your online account, your employment file is complete! The counselor is to read our Counselor handbook, organize his/her travel plans to France, and visit the Counselor Webzone, in order to prepare for employment at camp!

Once the site assignment is given - approximately 3 weeks before employment- you can start brainstorming for your specific camp and get in contact with your site director.

Awesome counselor referral program, help us recruit and get 15 euros!

We know that many returning counselors & directors spread the word about our camps to their qualified colleagues, before coming back to work at our camps for another season.  We appreciate these efforts, as we want to recruit qualified and hardworking staff members that reflect our camp’s core values. American Village offers a 15 € bonus to each returning staffer that refers a new hire, should this new hire indicate a referring veteran on his/her application.


In the interest of fairness, every application received by American Village will continue to be evaluated individually. This does not increase or decrease chance of hire for either applicant.

For the applicant :

  • The past work performance of the referral counselor does not come into play when evaluating your application.
  • You may not indicate multiple referral counselors.
  • The first-year applicant must indicate the referral counselor’s real name during the interview. Please know that we will not track referral information sent after or during hire.

For the returning veteran counselor :

  • Bonuses will be deposited at the same time as the monthly salary deposit.
  • You must, therefore, be rehired during the same year to receive your bonus.
  • We cannot “hold over” referral bonuses from one year to another. There will be no additional wire transfers, no cash-in-hand, and we cannot pay by check.
  • A maximum of 3 referral bonuses can be acquired, regardless of the number of hired persons referred.

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