Troubleshooting the Online Application

Troubleshooting the Online Application

Frequently Asked Questions about the Online Application

I believe I submitted my application, but never received a confirmation email. 

If you don’t receive an automatic email from us confirming that your application has been sent, first check your spam folder for an email from . 

If there is no email in spam, your application has not been sent to the recruitment office. It is still in editing mode. This is because you have not completed every section of the application and clicked SUBMIT on the first tab. 

  • Click SAVE every time you modify or add information, before changing tabs. 

How do I cancel an active application ?

It's easy. Go into your online profile. On the first tab, you will see a button next to your active application(s). It looks like a minus sign, clicking it will delete your active application, and we will know to stop contacting you.

If I want to speak French during employment, do I complete the Daily Life Counselor application?

No. Those positions are only open to persons that possess the French Brevet d’Aptitude aux Fonctions de l’Animateur (B.A.F.A) certificat. There is no legally recognized equivalent in the US, nor the UK. 

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How do I indicate that my availablity is discontinuous? 

(ex: all of March and April, then again in September and October)

You will create two separate applications. This way, we could potentially send you an offer for each period.

What does letter of motivation mean?

It means a cover letter that tells us why this specific job interests you. This REALLY set you apart as a candidate, as it allows us to better know you and imagine how you could fit into our team.  Here are a few tips : 

  • Don’t just tell us why this job is good for you, tell us why you are good for this job! What will you will bring to the team?
  • Check your spelling and grammar. Take the time to fully express each thought.
  • Avoid using a general cover letter or a teaching cover letter. This job is much more!
  • Present specific examples of relevant experiences (professional, volunteer, or educational) that highlight your potential as an awesome American Village English Language Counselor. 

Some ideas are 

    • Were you a scout, or a camper as a child?
    • What talents can you teach at camp (American sports? Singing? Theatre? Crafts? Etc!).
    • Explain why you want to work on a multicultural team.
    • Outline your commitment to education and/or to high-quality childcare.
    • Address any long term unemployment or gaps in your résumé.

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How do I upload the required documents if the tab is blank?

If the entire Required Documents page is blank, it is because you haven't selected which position you are appying for. Go back to the first tab, titled Position, and select which position you are applying for (probably Language Counselor if you're reading this!). 

My phone number has changed, how do I inform American Village?

Your employment file will always be created based on the information you have put into your online profile. We will call the number you have provided there, when we call.

My availability to work has changed, how can I be considered for the camps during my new availability? 

Simply update your availability ASAP on your online profile.Go to the first tab, and click on the dates that you have already entered. This will make the calendar pop open again. Click your availbility's start date, then your finish date. Click save.

A major part of recruitment revolves around available dates, so always have them up-to-date. We will look for applicants within the range of dates of each specfic position. 

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