Residential Programs

Residential Programs

American & British Village: camps all in English in France

American Village Camps are English-language residential programs in France,
where the official language is English.

Our goal is to help French children and teenagers learn the English language while enjoying their school vacation with new friends! Counselors are hired to live and work in the camps from 1 - 3 months. Children come for a week or two.

Every counselor brings his or her special skills - athletic, artistic, musical, classroom teaching, general camp silliness, outdoorsy attitude...

Our counselors are the heart of our program, our staff members love giving a helping hand, and enjoy watching our campers learn and grow.

American Village Team
British Village Team
American Village

British Village
American Village camps make up the majority of our English immersion camps across France. As the name suggests the aim is to creating a genuine "American camp" environment. This is achieved by ensuring that from the moment campers arrive at camp, they are immersed in American English. This allows campers to experience the culture and language first-hand, without ever leaving France.                                                                        British Village is a newer but fast growing camp program, that caters to all things British! Campers learn about British culture through their nearest anglophone neighbours who lead fun lessons and activities!                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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