Language Counselor

Language Counselor

Being a Language Counselor at American Village is a unique experience!

As a camp counselor your job is to join in, have fun and immerse the campers in English. To really enjoy the experience it is important to familiarise yourself with the position at our camps.

Your role:

  • Make camp a fun and safe environment for the campers under your care.
  • Infuse US history and culture into activities and English class, using the daily theme as a basis.
  • Implement French childcare regulations & cultural standards.
  • Only speak in English.
  • Work as a part of a team!

Task overview:

  • Communicating clearly with campers and helping campers communicate with you.
  • Planning, preparing, and participating in the camp program (ESL classes, activities, evening programs)
  • Creating and performing skits, songs, cheers, etc for the daily assembly (congress)
  • Creating teaching aids (posters, charts, etc)
  • Team brainstorming according to the daily theme
  • Bring your experience and skills to the team
  • Completing necessary paperwork (lesson plans, camper language reviews, etc)

Having Fun
Geronimo in classroom

The American Village “counselor pledge” :

  1. I will adhere to the motto “One for All, All for One!”
  2. I will recognize and defend childrens’ rights and responsibilities
  3. I will accept my role as a counselor and as a positive role-model
  4. I will speak in English!
  5. I will implement the pre-established camp program and improve on it!
  6. I will adapt my activities to the site and to the campers' ages (and developmental needs)
  7. I will always practice the values of equality, respect, solidarity, sharing, good will, and dignity.

List of Responsibilities

You can read the full Counselor List of Responsibilities in the attached document !

We recommend reading this to better imagine the job-at-hand before applying.

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Salary & Benefits
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