FAQ Coronavirus

FAQ Coronavirus

Questions you may have about COVID-19's impact 

on our 2022 camp programming

Please note we are updating our website for the 2022 season. Some of this information will be changed to reflect government regulations (09 November 2021)

Are your camps or offices open right now?

The camp administrators, Amanda, Mélanie, Jessica, Anne-Laure, Justine and Mark, are back working in the office. We are looking forward to another excellent AmVil season, despite the unique challenges related to Covid! 

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When can I apply for  2022 camps?

Can I apply if I am not a "native speaker"?

Yes. Exceptionally due to COVID-19's impact on travel, native speakers in France with proper work autorisation remain priority applicants. However, the Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on worldwide travel requires us to make certain adjustments to Language Counselor recruitment for our upcoming season. Location, work autorisation and job related skills are also important factors. We'll also consider fluent C1 Level English-speakers with corresponding certificate (or an equivalent document).

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Are you still hiring abroad for camps in 2022?

European Nationals 

As mentioned above, the conditions for entering France will depend on your country of departure and your vaccination status. The updated list of countries and related rules is available at diplomatie.gouv.fr

United States Nationals / Canadian Nationals / British Nationals

  • Last season, we were unable to hire Americans, Brits nor Canadians who were not already in France (with appropriate work authorisation) due to travel restrictions. Due to changes in work permit procedures introduced by the French government we are hopinig to open up recruitment to these nationalities, but at present we are still awaiting further information. 

We ask all interested candidates to apply online and we will be in contact as soon as possible about the current work permit status.

We also ask all interested candidates to stay up-to-date on travel restrictions and refer to the state department for your country or see the above-mentioned French Diplomacy website.

Other Nationalities 

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If I am hired from abroad, and quarentine is required upon entry into France, can I quarantine at camp?

Please be aware that we cannot provide quarentine housing for any staff. Any Covid-19 transportation related expenses, for example, a negative PCR test or quarantine, remain at the expense of the employee. Please take this into consideration before applying for 2022.

If I am hired, do I have to wear a mask at camp?

Yes. Please take this into consideration before applying.

Camp counselors in masks Covid-19

By applying and accepting employment with American Village Camps, you commit to respecting the health protocol. Hygiene rules mirror those already in place in France, where masks are required of all persons over the age of 6 years old, regardless of your personal beliefs or opinions about the sanitary situation. Masks are required to be worn in the place of work, including in all schools and childcare facilities.

Four disposable masks will be provided for each staffer every day, for the entire duration of his/her time at American Village camp. Changing the mask punctually throughout the day is part of the Health Protocol.  Resuable masks are not allowed at camp, nor are face shields.


What does the health pass change for counselors at camp?

American Village adapts our organisation based on French laws. Today, the health pass is obligatory to work at our camps.

Will the Covid-19 health protocol impact the day-to-day camp life?

Yes. While the fundamental responsibilities of a counselor have not changed, our program requires modification to operate smoothly with the new protocol. 

Counselors are still responsible for leading activities in English, teaching classes, supervising campers, being great role models for example. But they will also be responsible for ensuring that health protocol is met.

Over the last year at all our camps, we put into place new operating procedures that make the new requirements fit into a day that balances out the workload for everyone, and maintains creative flexibility for the counselors to add their own games and ideas while working with their groups.

Counselors can prepare for employment by brushing up on activities for smaller groups, for example. Campers will be divided in groups of 15 children on average and the groups are organized by age. 

To start your brainstorming, the Team American Village YouTube Channel features playlists of ideas of smaller group games that are great for adapting for English use. 

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Thank you for your support of American Village Camps.

We encourage all persons to protect themselves and others from the virus's spread. 

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