Life at Camp

Life at Camp

Frequently Asked Questions about accomodation

What is the living situation like?

Housing and meals are provided for all of our employees throughout employment. Counselors share bedrooms with other counselors. Laundry facilities are available at least once a week. Counselors have free access to internet. Please know that visitors are not allowed on camp grounds.

Is there family, pet, or couples housing?

No, we do not provide any of these types of housing at our camps. 

How many locations are open at any given time?

We have anywhere between 1 and 16 camps running at any point in the season, at different locations across France!

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Are the locations near large cities?

Just like at most American camps, the majority of our sites are located in the countryside. Our counselors must be prepared and excited to spend some time in natural, small town areas of France. Many come to love the local traditions, foods, wines, and people around the sites!

How many campers come?

Typical group sizes range between 45 and 65 children. 

How are the assignments established ?

An applicant does not choose his/her location. The placements are determined first and foremost by the needs of American Village Camps. The main determining factor is the maintenance of the correct counselor-to-camper ratio at every site, session by session.  

Counselors are welcome to inform us of a specific age or location preference during the interview.  

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How do counselors get to their initial location?

The director picks up counselors at the assigned train station, at an assigned time (between 5 and 7pm) on arrival day (the day before your contract).

Being fully aware of the remoteness of our sites and the fact that many of our counselors do not speak French, we make an effort to make counselor arrival a smooth one. But for that to happen, you, too, must be organised! The Counselor Handbook and the Counselor Webzone outline travel tips and arrival instructions for counselors.

We do not organise other transportation for our counselors (air travel, trains from Paris, etc). This is one reason we seek initiative-taking, adventurous, and organized young adults!

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