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American Village Camps : six programs, one goal!

American Village Camps are English-language residential camps in France, staffed by native anglophones and francophones.

The official language of our camps is English. Regardless of the camp program, the teaching methods used are adapted to each group by the counselor team. We welcome learners of varying levels.

Our goal is to help French children and adolescents learn the English language while enjoying their school vacation with new friends!

All recruitment for camp takes place at the centralized camp office, regardless of the program, and uses the same application form.

Our counselors have summer camp experience in their native countries and understand the goals and policies of American Village. Most of our American Village staff are American college students, all with special skills - athletic, artistic, musical, outdoors.

Our counselors are the heart of our program, our staff members love giving a helping hand, and enjoy watching our campers learn and grow.

For many campers, our counselors are the first foreigners they have ever met. This positive culture exchange not only helps them to form words, phrases, and sentences in English, but also helps them to form positive ideas about our world community!

The counselors are part of what makes our camps so unique!

Mentions légales - American Village is a brand of the group Go and Live