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Application Process : 1st year Counselor

The application process outlined below is only for native-English speaking foreign applicants who have never worked at American Village Camps before. If you have already worked at our camps before, click here. If you are French, click here.

When to apply?

Back to School/Autumn (September and October) Language counselor recuitment is currently open!

Spring and Summer Camp 2019 recruitment opens in November 2018. We'll start by interviewing for positions in March!

Step 1: Prepare and Submit youronline application for Language Counselor

You'll create an account, build your application, and then apply to the position(s) that you are qualified for. We encourage you to read our Application Tips list, available below in PDF.

Your application is not sent to the recruitment office until you have completed every portion of the application and clicked submit. Don't forget a professional reference!

Step 2: Application Review response by email, Potential Interview Request

We review applications in the order of upcoming camps, and then, in the order that they have been received. We try our hardest to conduct an application review within 14 days of the applications receipt. We appreciate your patience.

All telephone (or skype) interview requests are made via email, based on the availabilities that you have listed on your application.

* If you do not list your available times for an interview, we will not schedule one!

Step 3: The Interview

If you are asked for a interview, remember that it is scheduled in Paris Time. The interview is roughly 30 minutes. We will ask you questions about your relevant experience, as well as any questions needed to clarify information provided on your application.

At the end of the interview, the interviewee will be able to ask questions about employment at American Village Camps. The interviewer will then give a time frame regarding a response to the application.

And if I am hired??

Step 4: Potential offer of Employment

If your application review is favourable, we make a job offer via email. This email will contain specific hire dates. You are expected to be at camp (therefore, in France and already on location) for those dates.

You'll have between 2 & 5 days to consider and reply.

After that point, the offer expires and the position becomes available to other candidates. Even if you decide to decline, please decline on the online application asap, and tell us why!

Step 5: Required Employment Paperwork

Should you accept the offer, you commit to coming to work for us. We stop recrutiing for the position that you are now committed to!

We'll send the work contract to you in the mail. Counselors are to sign and return the work contract via post within two weeks of reception in order to get all necessary administrative procedures underway before hire.

Hired staff must upload legible color scans of the following documents:

Any documents in a language other than English or French, must be accompagnied by a French translation.

1. your valid passport : data page and signature page

2. birth certificate*

3. high school diploma (OR college diploma OR transcripts)

4. If you have one, your teaching diploma (TEFL, TESL, TESOL, CELTA...).

4. vaccination records that are up-to-date and include a Td booster within the past 10 years

5. recent criminal records check from your local police or sheriffs office (within one year) **

6. return of signed contract and completed administrative sheets.

See more information about how to acquire which documents on our FAQ page

* Required of all candidates without a FRENCH social security number.

** The amount of time necessary to require your birth certificate and criminal background check can vary according to your state of residence. If acquisition of this document will delay your confirmation, send us proof that you have ordered it, while submitting all other documents. Then, upload it as soon as it is received.

... What's next?

Once the work contract is received back in our offices, and all required scans uploaded onto your online account, your employment file is complete! The counselor is to read our Counselor handbook, organize his/her travel plans to France, and visit the Counselor Webzone, in order to prepare for employment at camp!

Once the site assignment is given - approximately 3 weeks before employment- you can start brainstorming for your specific camp and get in contact with your site director.

To read before applying : Application Tips

Read the document : Tips for 2018 English Language Counselor Applicants

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